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Dr. Rajat Kandhari

MD Dermatologist & Skin Specialist

DermaNest has a great array of gentle sanitizers with the right amount of alcohol content,  yet not harsh for the skin due to the wonderfully added moisturising agents along with and the aloevera, vitamin E and glycerine. 

Unlike some of the others sanitizers these are easy on the skin and effective.


Dr. D.M. Mahajan

MD - Dermatology, Laser & Aesthetic Physician 

Dermanest is a unique product, All ingredients has been kept organic and non toxic. I love the ingredients used to keep the skin moisturised and the right amount of alcohol to Sanitise your hands. the fragrances used are Unique and interesting. 

The veggie wash is 100% natural with citrus oils. Nothing like this is in the market. Super products

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Dr. Vishakha Munjal

MBBS (MAMC) MD (AIIMS) (gynaecologist and obstetrician)

DermaNest is one of its kind brand where the products are

specifically made skin friendly and environment friendly.

All formulations are done under supervisions of senior

dermatologists keeping skin care and sensitivity in mind.

The quality is truly remarkable. Best wishes for DermaNest.


Dr. Ruchi Tandon

MD, FICMCH, fellow ART,  Consultant Gynaecologist  

Amidst this pandemic, the need for safety & health surpasses everything. As a Doctor, mother & wife, I purchased numerous products to protect myself and near & dear ones. The biggest drawback of using most of the commercial products were the dryness of skin & acidic smell. After using the Dermanest range of products, there was no turning back.  I have kept them in my kitchen, car, clinic, bathroom & they are inevitable.

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Dr. Pallavi Chandana Rohatgi

MD, FICMCH, fellow ART,  Consultant Gynaecologist  

With the pandemic around, there is this whole new normal that has set in.

My new shopping list contains sanitizers for my clinic, car, vegetables, for kids.

And suddenly I realised there is flood of sanitisers in the market, online, with beautiful attractive colour and different formulations. health & wellness products

was one stop for all my needs.

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Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

MD, FICMCH, fellow ART,  Consultant Gynaecologist  

Hi, I am a practicing paediatrian in South Delhi. It gives

me immense pleasure to be associated with Dermanest.

Dermanest have come out with non toxic and organic

products which are so gentle for the skin of babies and

small children. Even me and my family are using these

products which are very attractive and skin friendly health & wellness products like hand sanitizer, fruit & Vegetable Wash .

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Dr. Chetna Garera

Dental Surgeon 

Because of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic everyone seems to be distressed but this can be avoided by taking simple measures against it. We just need to ensure that we wash or sanitise our hands again & again. Dermanest range of Hand Wash & Hand Sanitisers comes with different flavours and with 80% alcohol content along with Aloe-Vera, Vitamin-E and Glycerine which makes a perfect combination for a hand cleaners and hand moisturisers. Dermanest has become my personal favourite now. And I shall highly recommend it.

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Dr. Drishti Jain

MBBS, MS (obstetrics and gynaecology)

Recently got my hands on various products by Dermanest,

namely face wash, body lotion, hand rub, handwash etc.

The nature of products being organic does live upto ones

expectations, being revitalizing and skin friendly. I would

surely recommend these for superior outcome.

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Dr Hardik Sahni

MBBS, MS (orthopaedic)

Dermanest have different variety of Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash

in different fragrance. Not only the list ends here they have a lot

more variety of products for your skin clinic and home. After using

the products I feel that they are skin friendly as the ingredients

they've put are all organic and full of Antioxidants, Aloe vera,

vitamin E. Keep growing, way to go Dermanest!

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Dr. Kanishka Bansal Dr. Roli Bansal

   MDS(Orthodontist) BDS(Aesthetic Dental Surgeon)

The Covid 19 outbreak has left most of us in despondent situation.

Being Dental Surgeons constant use of sanitisers and hand washes

is mandatory to maintain proper hand hygiene. The multifarious

products in the market either leave your skin dry or itchy. But thanks

to the wide variety of skin friendly products from Dermanest that

are enriched with soothing agents like Vit E, Aloe Vera and glycerin

that I eaves the skin soft and nourished even after frequent use.

Thanks and best wishes to Team Dermanest for introducing

such eco friendly products.

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Dr. Shubha bansal

Consultant ophthlamologist, Gurgaon

DermaNest range of products are quite soft on skin. The wide

range by the brand has lovely products. The ingredients what

are used in products, are for nourishment and good skin care,

regular use of which would certainly improve the skin health.

I have personally used them and have become my favourite in

clinic and home. Keep it up.

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Dr. Rahul Bhargava


Director Hematology and BMT 

Fortis group Delhi-NCR,

With the kind of skin friendly and with full of natural ingredients

DermaNest has come up with its product, I find it would be one

of the leading brand in the world if they maintain the same quality.

Heartily wishes for team DermaNest.

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